Ten Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Child Support Attorney

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your separation or divorce, you and your former partner may need to establish or modify child support payments. A Knoxville family law attorney can help you understand your legal rights and obligations, submit the proper forms, and reach an agreement with your former spouse. Child support payments are meant to cover essential expenses for your children, such as food, school, health care, and housing. If either parent fails to meet their financial obligations, the judge will order them to pay additional money.

You should not have to struggle to make ends meet after a divorce. By hiring one of the best Child Support Attorneys in Knoxville, you can ensure that your kids receive the financial support they need. FindLaw’s comprehensive search feature makes it easy to find a local family law attorney who is best suited to your needs. You can use the client reviews, ratings, and profiles to learn more about each attorney’s qualifications and experience. When you’re ready, schedule a consultation by phone or online.

Inman, Stadler & Hill

The firm provides legal representation to clients in the Knoxville area, including those who are involved in child custody and support matters. Its attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that the best interests of the children are considered in all cases. They also work closely with parents and their children to ensure that the terms of a parenting plan are fair and equitable.

Norton & Luhn is located in Knoxville and serves residents of the metro and surrounding areas. Its lawyers have extensive experience in family law and divorce proceedings, including those related to child support issues. They are experienced in private negotiations and trial proceedings involving sole, joint, and shared custody arrangements. The practice also handles paternity cases and other family-related disputes.

Rachel E. Donsbach protects the rights of individuals and families in the Knoxville area. She helps them establish and enforce child support agreements and resolve disputes over payments. She also handles contempt actions that arise due to non-payment by a parent. She has been in practice since 2013 and focuses on cases involving family law, including child custody and visitation, adoption, and paternity.

The practice of Joshua S. Reed is located in Knoxville and provides a wide range of family law services to clients in the region. Its lawyers handle child support disputes and other family-related issues, such as domestic violence and alimony. They have extensive knowledge of Tennessee family law and can represent clients in contested and uncontested cases. They can also assist with other family law matters, such as property division and adoption. They are licensed to practice in all state courts. They are members of the Knoxville Bar Association and the Tennessee Family Lawyers Association. They are also Lead Counsel Verified and have a clean record with the bar. They are available for consultations at their office in Knoxville, TN. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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